Guiding Hand (Short film)

Hello everyone!

A few months ago, we worked with some neighbors to create a short film along the lines of   'Honoring your father'.  It's a very important thing, as the Bible talks over and over again about honoring your father, your parents, and allowing them to lead you in the way that is right.
     This short story shows a girl who is looking back at how valuable her father's presence was in her life. I hope it challenges and/or encourages you!


Water Photography - Video post

Hey guys. :D I decided to do this second photography post as a video. So I filmed it this week. I hope you enjoy it!

Have you tried water photography before? What about it is your favorite part? I'd love to hear your ideas. :D Coment Below!


-Night Photography- Tips and Types

   Hello! I'm so glad to have you guys for a first photography post. :D   Now let's see how it goes. ;)

     Night photography is my favorite style of photography. So many stars, the bright galaxy flowing through the middle, and dark objects of hills and trees on the edge. The sense of awe it gives as it points to a miraculous creator!
   Just a few weeks ago I couldn't even imagine being able to take photos like this, but then my photography teacher talked about it and it completely changed my favorite type of photography. :D Now I'm going to give you guys tips so that you can create amazing photos that showcase the wonderful glory of God's creation!

   And don't worry.  If you have any sort of camera with manual settings than you can take these kinds of pictures.

   The main setting to adjust that is what makes all of these stars visible.  The slower your shutter speed is, the more time it is open and can allow more light in. The nice thing about stars or any light in night photography is that the light coming from light source will be magnified!  I went out a few nights ago to try night photography and was blown away because my camera was picking up stars that I couldn't see with my own eyes!

   But with a slow shutter speed also comes a shaky picture and it's very difficult to avoid it. So, if you have a tri-pod or a rail to set your camera on to stabilize it, you can have a steady picture and can see your subject of light much easier.

     A secret: So, there is a setting on most manual cameras called "Bulb". :D If you scroll your shutter speed as slow/long as you can, then if you have it, it will come up. This allows you to take as long of a photo as you want by holding down the picture button. If you take a picture on Bulb, holding the picture button down for over 3 minutes, and you have a steady surface, then you can actually see stars on a night sky moving!

Examples from pexels.com:

 See how both of the pictures, the stars almost for a circle?  If you are able to keep your shutter open for a long time, (30 min, - 1 hour) you can get photos that make a super cool circle! I haven't tried it yet, but it would be so cool!

Using long exposure (Slow shutter speed) photos, you can actually take a variety of cool night photos.

Have you ever seen those super amazing lightning photos?

     Using a slow-shutter-speed, you can also take photos of lightning. It wouldn't be as slow as, say, a 30 second shutter, but maybe 3-5 seconds would be closer to a better length.

     The last thing I want to mention is using light to show movement.

If you have a street near by, you can take long pictures of cars and they will make a blurry shape where their head/tail lights were.

   If you have something as simple as a flashlight, you can create neat movement pictures like this one. Doing the same thing as with stars, you can move the light around, creating shapes or designs with a flashlight, fire, car lights, stars, moon, or whatever you want to create beautiful pictures!

   I want to challenge you to try some Night Photography. Whether you are in a city, country or in a valley or on a hill, try to photograph stars, cars, or any sort of light in the night that you can. Maybe you will be surprised at how amazing the starry skies are like I was. God's creation is truly amazing and photography is just one way of capturing it and using it for the Glory of Him!

   And I hope hope to see you back next week for another Photography "Tip"! :D

Have you tried Night Photography before? If so, what was your favorite part? Do you have photography that you could share? :D Comment below!


Exciting Announcement!

Hello readers! :D  I have an announcement for the month of November coming up really soon!  First of all, I will not be doing a post this week, sadly.... But, starting next week, for the month of November, I will be doing a series of Photography posts... Tips and types!  I'll be talking about a different photography style each week, with some examples that I'll have.

Next week will be about *whispers*..... Night Photography. (I'll leave you hanging there :P)  And I have a few exciting ideas for the weeks after that. I hope that you'll be inspired, ;D and will learn something new that you can try in the month of November!

And, as a side note, I added a few films on my "Films" page. A few years ago, we made 3-4 films with some neighbors and friends and so I just put them up there for ya;ll to see! :D